Sunday, March 8, 2015

No One Lives (2012)

Driver and his young girlfriend are traveling to a new place to live and stop at a motel for the night.  Later they decide to get something to eat.  It's a long drive to the nearest restaurant and they are the only two there there until another group arrives.

The newcomers are local burglars who were robbing a mansion when the homeowners arrived back early from vacation.  One of the guys is a loose cannon, and things go horribly wrong.

Trying to make up for the loss of income and get back in the good graces of the leader, the loose cannon decides to target the Driver and his girlfriend. The leader of the group is smart enough to know you don't make trouble in your own backyard, and drags the troublemaker away. But they don't call them loose cannons for nothing and the troublemaker catches up with the young couple on their drive back to the motel.

The problem turns out to be that this couple is not what they seem. So instead of the plan to torture them for their passwords and pin numbers and walk away with lots of money, the burglars find themselves in the middle of something strange involving a kidnapped teenage heiress and a man who seems to be indestructible who is out for revenge.

While you need to suspend disbelief in a few key scenes, this was entertaining and I liked it.  The story was different from your typical plot line, there were some strange twists, and if you like blood, there's a ton of blood.

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