Friday, March 6, 2015

Deadheads (2011)

Mike wakes up in a strange place, and starts looking for someone, anyone, to figure out where he is and what's happening.  When he finally finds another person, it turns out to be a zombie. Panicked at this development, Mike frantically tries to get help, and is shot  which is when he discovers he's also a zombie, just not the stumbling inarticulate kind. Mike can talk and reason and if you talked to him on the phone, you'd never know he's dead. But his arm has a habit of falling off and he looks pretty bad, (although he looks good for a zombie).

When Mike runs into Brent, another highly functioning zombie, the two band together.  While at a bar getting a beer, Mike sees the date on a newspaper and figures out he's been dead for three years. He also finds an engagement ring in his pocket and decides to track down his girlfriend because he still loves her.  

With Brent and a stumbling brain eating zombie nicknamed Cheese by their side, they try to get back to Mike's home where he can surprise his girl.  They just need to get past the bounty hunters who're getting paid by a mystery corporation which seems to be run by the father of Mike's girlfriend.

Since this is a few years old, and I haven't really heard anything about it, I wasn't sure what to expect. While it's a comedy, it's more slightly amusing than laughable.  It's a low budget indie film, but has a much higher production value than those crappy films that look like they were shot in a friend backyard. As the movie went on, I warmed up to the main characters.  Overall, it's an average film with a couple laugh out loud moments.

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