Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hell's Highway (2002)

A bunch of drunk college kids in two cars are driving cross county and trying to see who can get to Redondo Beach first.  'Cause who doesn't love drunk driving, right?

As they're driving down a deserted highway, the two couples in the car behind see what the guys refer to as a hot hitchhiker. Their girlfriends are not amused.  But the group decides to give her a ride.  To make our characters even more unlikeable, after picking her up, they dump a bag of trash all over a group of crosses by the side of the road.

The hitchhiker tells them her name is Lucinda and beings to tell them the legend of Devil's Highway, the route they're on.   Lucinda acts creepy and talks about killing people, which for some reason they assume is a bad joke. Yes, because it's not at all threatening or weird when a complete strangers gets in your car and jokes about murder.

After discovering she's not joking, they manage get away from her.  Shortly after this, they pull over by the side of the road for a drink because they're just not that bright.  But I guess it doesn't matter since Lucinda seems to be everywhere they go, and they start to believe she is the devil.

This is a low budget movie which isn't that interesting. It one weird scenes with the group starring at each other, and close ups of their eyes as they wait to see if their pager is going to ring.  Yes, I said pager, which is odd since their friends in the other car have cell phones.  Also watch for the miniatures that are used for the gas station explosion scene. You can't miss it.

Continuity -
When they pull over and stop at the side of the road, the car is stationary. But in the shots of the driver you can tell the car is moving because the scenery is going by outside the car window.

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