Tuesday, May 5, 2015

100 Million BC (2008)

A scientist sends an elite squad of Navy Seals back in time to rescue a previous team from the 1940s who were transported to a  dinosaur filled time period but never returned.  Contrary to real Seals, this team is a bunch of fraidy cats who are easily killed.

The rescue mission has been a focus for the scientist due to the discovery of cave paintings that reference people in the 20th century.  Carbon dating confirms that the paintings are from the time of dinosaurs, rarrr.

Even though they were never sure where the first group ended up, the scientist is somehow able ego transport them to a nearby location in the right time period. Within a few hours, they've located the survivors and prepare to head back to the present.  No one shall ask how military personnel from the 1940s who are used to living with dinosaurs are going to handle being transported into current times, what with the whole walking on the moon thing, cell phones, and rap music.

But of course time travel can be tricky, and when a big old dinosaur slips through the time portal, hijinks ensue.  Oddly enough that sixty foot dinosaur sure is hard to spot in the city.

This is a typical Asylum movie, no more, no less.  There are some unintentionally funny scenes but overall it's pretty ho hum.

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