Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

Steve and his fiancé Tina go away for the weekend with his sister Sarah and her husband Craig.  Sarah and Craig don't like Tina, which is understandable since she's condescending, high maintenance, and a bit of a control freak.  They're supposed to be going away to relax but she makes an itinerary, assigns chores, and schedules time to work on wedding preparations.

Meanwhile down the road, zombie hunter Max and his assistant are using some sort of orb to locate zombies so Max can kill them.  When a mosquito bites one of the zombies, it is infected with the zombie virus.

Later that night, the mosquito repeatedly bites Steve, transferring the zombie virus to him.  But unlike the normal staggering zombie that makes guttural noises, Steve seems normal.  Well other than  he's very pale, can't seem to keep down any food, and drools excessively at the mention of brains.

Will the group figure out Steve is a zombie?  Will Steve and Tina still get married?  And will zombie hunter Max figure out things are not as they seem and put an end to Steve?

Every time I hear there is a horror comedy, I'm always hopeful at finding something great, but usually what happens is the film isn't very funny and isn't very scary.  While this one falls right in line with this, it was an okay film. It had some amusing scenes, a few laugh out loud moments,  and overall the characters were likable. Also I enjoy Stephen McHattie who does a good job as the zombie hunter.  

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