Friday, May 1, 2015

School of Horror (2005)

The best thing about this movie is that the description on the DVD sleeve said the name of the lead character was Ocky, which I was hoping would somehow be pronounced Ooky.  It turned out to be a misprint because his name is actually Rocky which provided the first disappointment of the night.

Rocky is an obnoxious film student whose fragile ego proves unable to accept criticism. When his film professor says his horror movie is not original - it's not - he freaks the hell out and  storms out of class.  When his friends join him later, one of them is hit by a passing car.  Rocky's only concern is that he doesn't have his camera because this would make a great scene in one of his movies. Yeah, Rocky is not a great friend or human being.

New student Jack, who apparently lives in a classroom since there are lockers in the hallway right outside his bedroom door, is surprised by a student who asks for help because a girl is going to die.  When Jack tries to follow him, Rocky suddenly shows up behind Jack. It seems Rocky's brilliant film making idea is putting strangers in awkward positions so he can film their reactions.  Surprisingly Jack isn't annoyed by this, and even accepts Rocky's invitation to a party later that night.

Later that afternoon Rocky, Jack and Rocky's friends pile into a van and go on a long drive.  They stop at a small bar on a dirt road so they can stretch their legs and get a drink. Unfortunately they arrive at the tavern on the same night the Great Chino makes his appearance.  Legend has it that every seven years this supernatural being shows up and kills everyone. No one seems that concerned.

Fortunately for Rocky the tavern's few customers are rubes, idiots, and David from the Real World, which means it's prime filming opportunity.  When people go outside and don't come back, the regulars suspect it's the Great Chino. Rocky films continuously, yells at people, and forces them to go outside. Rocky is loud, obnoxious and treats people like crap. The longer the movie goes on, the worse Rocky gets. Surprisingly someone doesn't punch Rocky in the face and throw him outside the bar to be murdered by the killer spirit.

There's a side plot about a movie producer who calls the film professor and is looking for Jack, but has no contact info for him. No idea why he's calling the professor. But when the professor investigates, he is unable to locate Jacks enrollment info.  Then the movie producer faxes him an 8x10 headshot in which Jack is not wearing a shirt, which is weird in and of itself, since Jack isn't an actor.  He sent a script to the movie producer and it's not too common for them to want to see their writers shirtless.

Ridiculous dialogue  

Rocky - My Names Rocky. But you can call me Rocky Horror.
Jack - "Ha, Rocky Horror... like the movie?"
Rocky (insulted) - No. Nothing like that.

Inside Jacks's room? Typical bedroom
Outside Jack's room? School hallway and lockers
Oh hell, it's David from the Real World, and he's angry
It's not clear why someone hasn't caved in Rockys head
Rocky's method of film making? Sneak up on someone
Why does the new student have a shirtless 8x10 glossy?

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