Sunday, May 17, 2015

Housebound (2014)

After getting caught breaking into an ATM, repeat offender Kylie is sentenced to house arrest.  There is tension between Kylie and her mother which is exacerbated by Kylie's nasty disposition and unappreciative nature.

When Kylie overheads her mother on the phone with a paranormal radio show talking about how their house is haunted, Kylie is even more disgusted that she is stuck there for the next eight months.  But that night she notices strange noises in the house and at other times doors swing open on their own.

Security guard Amos, who is monitoring Kylies ankle bracelet, shows up after the alarm goes off and Kylie reluctantly tells him she thinks the house is haunted. Amos and Kylie join forces to figure out if there is a ghost in the house, investigate the creepy next door neighbor, and discover some secrets from the past.

I loved this one. It's fantastic! It navigates well between horror and comedy, and while you want to punch Kylie in the face for being such an asshole, she does get more palatable as the movie goes on. And there is a scene that skews the whole killer walking up behind an unsuspecting victim scene, and does it so simply and effectively that it's hilarious.

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