Friday, May 8, 2015

The Deadly Intruder (1988)

A lunatic escapes from an asylum and goes on the run.  The local police are on the alert and the Sheriff vows to catch him, hopefully before he kills someone.  Meanwhile our lunatic is tromping through the woods and killing people.

At an isolated house, Jessie is throwing a dinner party for her friends, who are bringing Bob as Jessie's blind date.  Jessie hasn't dated since her mother died and Bob is a clean cut, good looking employee at a clothing store that Jessie's friend manages.

While she's preparing dinner, Jessie sees a dirty drifter creeping around her front yard.  When he asks for food, she takes pity on him and makes him some sandwiches. Meanwhile our drifter repeatedly swings an axe... in her woodpile.  Killer drifter? Escaped lunatic? Creepy yet harmless hobo? Only time will tell.

Although one couple doesn't show, the party is deemed a success when Jessie and Bob hit it off.  But how could someone not love Bob, who reveals he came to town because he's a journalist from Vancouver who wants to get the perspective of the working man.....  by getting employment in a small town as a clothing salesman?  Sure, Bob, sounds like a great article.

This is a fairly typical low budget slasher.  Bodies pile up, there's kidnapping, a twist, and Jessie's isolated home is an obvious target. The murders are mostly in the dark so it's hard to tell what is happening.  Of note, the manager of the clothing store (also a dinner guest) is played by Danny Bonaduce and the Sheriff is played by Stuart Whitman, who probably wished he had something better to do that be in this movie.

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