Sunday, May 24, 2015

Gargoyles: Holy Terror (2003)

While boxing up his grandmothers things, Glenn's eyes start bleeding and he blacks out. Alarmed, his friend takes him for help, which surprisingly turns out to be a guy named Hector, who appears to live in his parents basement, complete with wood paneling from the 1970s.

Hector says they should do a ceremony because Glenn is housing a demon in his innards.  As Hector makes a pentagram of black electrical tape on the white shag carpet, I worry about how they're going to get the blood stains out of his parents rug.

When Glenn becomes possessed and murders one of the participants, no one reports the murder. An upset Glenn decides the maybe the church can help him with his demon problems.  Well perhaps they could if the cranky old priest didn't think he was some damn kid spouting demon stories. Does the church really get that many pranksters yucking it up in confession with demon possession stories?

Ridiculous Dialogue-

I don't want to alarm you, but what you have inside you is a demon.

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