Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vlog (2008)

Video blogger Brooke Marks (who is played by Brooke Marks) films her entire life and puts it on the web for everyone to see.  She hides her camera in a bag so she can tape interactions with strangers, hanging with friends, or bedroom trysts with the poor men she picks up who end up ridiculed online in her vlog.

Brooke may be attractive and will never have a shortage of dating options, but the character is a shallow, nasty, waste of flesh. So it's with pleasure that the movie starts with her murder on camera before flashing back to the days leading up to the event.

When Brooke gets a voicemail from someone who's disguised their voice and leaves an IP address to view, she discovers people she knows are being murdered.  She reports this to the police but they turn up nothing.  They must not have done much leg work since you'd think family or friends could have confirmed no one had seen them recently. But we all know this is leading up to Brooke's murder... or it it?

While it's not the most interesting horror movie, it's made unbearable by having to watch shallow, annoying Brooke who thinks she's such an incredible person. But she's so unlikable that you just want her to die.  Let that be a lesson in never playing a character with your own name, unless you like people thinking you may be a total ass.

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