Thursday, May 21, 2015

Demons in My Head (1998)

What? There are demons in your head? Well maybe there wouldn't be if you hadn't cracked open a meteorite that contained a headpiece resembling something out of a He-man cartoon, but which is actually a space age polymer produced by an advanced alien life form and is coincidentally loaded with said demons.

Another lesson in the dangers of putting strange things that fall from the sky on your head, the film starts with Travis having been dumped. To make matters worse, someone shows up to repossess his belongings and it turns out to be his bully from high school who then makes a date with the female roommate that Travis is lusting after.  Also Travis has a male roommate who has a crush on him and wants to see if he's open to being more than friends. So that's a bit awkward.

When Travis breaks open the meteorite which contains what appears to be a toy headset inside, it turns out to be something that can transport items through time and space.  But it takes awhile to master the art of getting what you're trying to obtain, plus you have to deal with the demons.  Surprisingly Travis doesn't break the headset so he'll never have to see the demons again.  But what are you going to do? That's just Travis.

As with any demons that inhabit your cranium, it's not a good thing.  Unfortunately the movie couldn't hold my attention and I'm not even sure how it ended.
Wait, what does his headpiece remind me of ...
...Teela on Masters of the Universe

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