Saturday, May 2, 2015

Prey for the Beast (2007)

An old guy hires a guide to take him into the forest so he can get a photo of a one of a kind monster.  When he finds it, he does what all monster hunters seem to do - run away.  When his guide catches up with him, the old man says they need to go back because he also needs to get some sort of proof of the beasts existence because no one will believe his photo. Boing!

Meanwhile a group of guys decides to go camping in the very woods where our intrepid photographer and killer beastie are tromping.  The guys want to cheer up their friend who just found out his wife was cheating on him and is getting divorced.  They hope a weekend of drinking and pistol firing (a fab combination) will help him get his mind off of things.

Nearby four young women are relaxing near the lake, and hear gun shots. They decide to check it out, and lucky for them it's the four idiots previously mentioned, and not a psycho murderer snuffing out a victim.  While it's supposed to be a guys weekend, they invite the girls to stay and party.  Kind of odd since they don't seem to have much beer, and lack food and camping supplies.

Soon the monster shifts his attention to our  main characters and the group are fighting for their lives.  Even though the trees are bare, they have a hard time seeing the creature through the branches.

This is low budget and it shows.  It's important to note that while the beast on the cover does appear to be the same or similar to what is in the film, since the film takes place during the day time (and there's been some manipulation of the photo) the effect is not the same.

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