Sunday, May 10, 2015

Machinehead (2000)

The oldest high school student in the world is working on a project that involves reanimating the dead. He believes this is his ticket to win the science fair and collect a $25,000 prize.  Unfortunately his project involves strapping a motor to the head of a corpse. It's noisy, looks ridiculous, and sometimes the corpse has to grab the motor to keep it from slipping off.

He gets access to a dead boy through his unwitting father, who is the local mortician.  No one seems to recognize the dead person, but they sure are scared of a guy with a motor strapped to his head, which is odd since he actually looks great for a dead guy. He's just a little pale and has the shakes from the motor on his head.

It's not explained how the dead body gets super human strength since he pulls off someones arm when startled. It's also not explained why the science fair is offering such a big prize, or why half the students in the school appear to be in their late twenties. This one is low budget and hard to watch.

He's not the teacher - he's our teenage protagonist. 
This is what real teenagers look like.
Class bullies, or someone's dads doing a musical number -
you make the call 
Nothing alarming about this.
Just a typical high school student standing by his locker.
Move along now. Nothing to see here.

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