Monday, May 11, 2015

The 13th Floor (1988)

Incredibly average film akin to a TV movie of the week. As a child Heather saw her father electrocute a young boy. Nothing says your father is a villain better than having him murder a child at the beginning of the movie.

As an adult, Heather steals documents revealing her fathers evil ways and hides out on the empty 13th floor of an office building where the spirit of the murdered boy has somehow ended up in the electrical panel.  Keeping her company are a junkie friend and a janitor who brings her food and a tv to pass the time.  While stealing food from an office coffee cart, she meets a man who becomes smitten with her, and figures out she is hiding upstairs. The two start casually dating which complicates things with her friend.

Heather's father hires PI's and thugs to get back the documents she stole, telling them to retrieve them by whatever means necessary. The ghost of the little boy only appears once of twice. Mostly you'll see sparks in the electric panel. You won't really care what happens.

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