Sunday, June 30, 2013

Killer Mountain (2011)

Chunky mountain climber Ward, who always sounds like he needs a lozenge, is convinced to go on a rescue mission after he discovers his ex is one of the missing.  Ward and his team arrive in Bhutan and discover there's something else going on. It's obvious the team has been on the mountain much longer than the  they'd been told. Also their guide,  the son of the man financing the expedition and the rescue, is acting pretty sketchy.

As they search for survivors from the first expedition, they discover monsters on the mountain and that the purpose of the original expedition was to locate Shambala in hopes of finding riches and healing waters. While the rescue mission are on the job, the local military start investigating home base to see what is really going on.

People continually do stupid things which would be bad enough without all the monsters on the mountain. The doctor is so useless you'll forget she's there until she gets in the way.  The rescue team climb side by side while tethered together.  When they get shots to avoid altitude sickness, the guy who doesn't like needles only takes part of a dose. And if you bring more altitude sickness medication with you, good god please distribute it among everyone so if one person loses their backpack you aren't all gong to have your brains explode.

This is a Syfy movie which means it's not very exciting or interesting, and the characters are kind of stupid and you won't care about them.  I didn't hate them enough to want them dead, but I didn't care if they don't come home.

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