Monday, June 10, 2013

Pleasures of the Damned (2005)

Netflix streaming didn't even have a cover for this one.  How bad must this be if there isn't even a cover?  The only reason we clicked on this is that it was late, we were really tired, and Michelle sometimes picks awful movies.  Surprisingly it turned out to be pretty funny.

Keep in mind that we were super tired and that may have contributed to our hysterical laughter. So take this opinion with a grain of salt, perhaps if I watched it wide awake, I wouldn't think it was so funny.

There are also jokes so bad they will make you groan, as well as  lots of humor that seems to set the bar at what a fifteen year old would think is funny.  So at first we thought the comedy was not  funny, but then we started giggling.

The movie is supposedly a long lost print of a lat 1970s film that has never been shown.   It includes the following: intentionally bad dubbing; wooden acting; monotones even when emotion is required; tons of obviously horrible wigs; outfits with glitter; shoulder pads so big that it is necessary to turn sideways to get through through doors; bad foley (for example, a gunshot sounds when a slingshot is used); a cliched plot; multiple characters obviously played by a single actor, plus multiple actors playing one character.  All of these are a big recommendation for this film as it makes it so ridiculous.

Jack Steele, a private investigator, helps Evelyn in an attempt to get her brother Tommy out of a devil cult run by bikers.  But Tommy's been brainwashed and doesn't want to leave.  The cult, called the Children of Love,  initiate new members by sexually assaulting them, (even though they're all men). So yeah, that's not funny. Although they are a biker gang, we never see any motorcycles but we do see them ride in a car.

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