Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Beast That Killed Women (1965)

Dolores bemoans the fact that she can't get an all over tan so her husband Byron takes her to a nudist camp. Well I guess that's one solution.  Unfortunately he's taken her to the one nudist camp in the country where a gorilla on the loose breaks in and kills someone.

The police show up and ask questions, but don't really get anywhere.  Eventually they figure out it might be an animal and use a police woman as a gorilla decoy.  They put her in a hut and tell her, "Don't worry about a thing. We'll be in the next hut with guns." But when she's attacked, it takes them awhile to figure out something's going on, even though she's screaming and they're waiting for her to be attacked.

For a nudist camp, there are plenty of clothed people.  Those who are nude play volleyball (basically just gently throwing the ball over the net without jumping), shuffleboard, and square dance.  The nudists only show their hindquarters and chests.

There are silly scenes involving a woman whose afraid of the top bunk, another who isn't afraid of being killed as it couldn't happen more than once, some girls who do stupid old comedy routines that will make you want to pull out your hair,  a gorilla who jumps out of a hut to throw a Byron into the lake, and a coke machine which appears to dispense milk (it certainly doesn't look like Coke). Oddly enough when Byron goes to the hospital, his wife stays at the camp and never visits him. Guess there's no sense in wasting overall tan time when you've paid for it.

Also of note, every naked chick in camp seems to traipse through the woods on a non-existent path while cartoon music plays. Plus get set for five exciting minutes of the police walking around while the soundtrack is a bunch of kids yelling and playing, or dogs barking, or geese honking. I kept waiting to see what that infernal racket was, but it's not even relevant. Damn you, movie!

Poorly written dialogue-
  • "I just looked out the window and I saw an ambulance coming downstairs."

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