Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis (2004)

The Sars virus arrives in Thailand via an insect inadvertently brought over from Africa. A man is stung by the insect, goes home and infects others in his apartment building.  But this virus doesn't give people the flu, it turns them into zombies.

Coincidentally a wealthy business mans daughter has been kidnapped by a transvestite that lives in the building.  Rather than call the police, he asks an old friend who's a master swordsman to rescue his daughter. As he was recently injured, the swordsman sends his top student, not realizing that the building is also infested with zombies.

Once the student gets stuck in the building fighting zombies, he requests help from his master.  There's also something called the Stop Virus Bullet which they use to stop the zombies from moving, essentially freezing them.

This is a weird movie, but what else would you expect from an Asian zombie movie? It can be gross, funny, and sometimes boring. Also prepare yourself for some really lame jokes that might be enjoyed by fifteen year old. Overall it's average as it's quality isn't consistent. Some parts I enjoyed, other parts I didn't.

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