Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

A plane flying out of Los Angeles ends up having to make an emergency landing after a fat guy goes nutzoid and attacks other passengers.  When the plane rolls up to the gate, the passengers disembark to find the terminal locked.

An airport employee gets them into the baggage area, but the doors to the terminal are locked in there as well.  Soon they discover that the airport is in quarantine and the guy on the plane has more than a mental problem.

We have plenty of stereotypical characters - little kid traveling on his own, pregnant lady, entitled asshole, scaredy cat who becomes the leader when the chips are down, etc.

It's an okay movie. There's a claustrophobic feeling of being in a warehouse with no way out. It's interesting that they decided to take their own path instead of following in the footsteps of Rec 2.  Ultimately I prefer Rec 2 to this one, but it's okay. And if they ever came out with Quarantine 3, I'd watch it.

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