Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scream 4 (2011)

Sidney comes back to her hometown on the tenth anniversary of the killings to do a signing for her new book.  Her teenage cousin Jill doesn't really care since she hasn't seen Sidney in years. But Jill's friends and the high school film club are impressed - other than one of the friends who refers to Sidney as the angel of death since everywhere she goes someone dies.

Now that she's back in town, the Ghostface killer reappears and starts killling following the same pattern as the original murders. No one is safe as he's after Sidney and wants to take out a bunch of kids before he gets her.

This isn't anything different than any other slasher. Yes, there are the film club geeks who talk about updated rules for slashers, but overall it's just another horror film.  It's okay, but it wasn't all that clever and wouldn't make me want to watch it again.

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