Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tell Me No Lies (2001)

aka The Midnight Hour

The description said a college student trys to track down her sisters killer. There was no dvd cover shown. But we decided to watch it because there was a photo of a woman with a leopard print cowboy hat and it made us laugh.

As the movie started, we noted that the woman looked way too old to be a college student and had a porn look.  Good prediction as the first five minutes involve a woman surprised by her boyfriend in the woods. The couples goes into her apartment, her clothes come off and he presses his face against her body for five awkward minutes. Then there's a flash and she's dead.

Next thing you know it's day and there are police in the apartment stating there's been a murder. Oh joy, the only kill in the first thirty minutes happens off screen. Yeah, this doesn't bode well.

Alex is a way too old college student moving into an apartment with other college students. This  includes the girl who shows her to her room and creepily touches Alex on the shoulder.  Bad touch! If the description hadn't stated Alex moved back to find her sisters killer, I wouldn't have had any idea that's what was going on. Maybe they explained it more later.

DJ Alex wears a huge leopard print cowboy hat and begins working at a radio station doing a late night talk show using a sexy voice, being all philosophical, and giving advice to callers.  But when a weirdo calls and thinks she's making fun of him, he says he'll kill her just like the other girl.

This movie looks like someone in the porn industry tried to do a mainstream movie.  There was sex before the credits and of the first thirty minutes, probably 15-20 of them were boring sex scenes.

To sum up - wooden acting, long pointless sex scenes, and appears that all home scenes were filmed in the same house. We could only get through the first thirty minutes of it.

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