Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Battledogs (2013)

Battledogs?  Well that doesn't sound very exciting.  What about Warwolves?  Now that's much more exciting and more accurate based on the premise.  

A wild life photographer is bitten by a wolf while on assignment. On the trip home, she turns into a wolf while in a New York City airport bathroom.  As she roams through the terminal biting and slashing people, they in turn become infected and morph into wolves.  Soon the airport is overrun with carnage. So the military is called in to round up the wolves and quarantine them.

The people who morphed into wolves (aka the subjects) are herded into a large room and guarded by the armed guards. Doctors take samples from each person to try to determine the source person for the infection.  Major Hoffman is concerned about the treatment of the subjects while other military officials are working on a project kept secret from the Major.  This clash of purpose and different views of  treatment lead to the military deciding the Major Hoffman is expendable, basically because he's too nice.

Eventually we discover that the military's goal is using wolves as fighting forces.  It's a terrible idea unless they're going to fight unarmed civilians since the wolves have been killed with one shot or a knife to the throat. So basically they can just run faster and rip flesh with their claws. But a man with a gun could take them down before they could do any damage. Bah! Stupid battledogs!

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