Monday, September 2, 2013

Sand Serpents (2009)

Soldiers in Afghanistan are captured and interrogated by the Taliban.  After what seems like an earthquake, the captors run outside. Shortly afterwards shots and screams are heard and then it falls silent.  When the soldiers manage to free themselves, they find the area deserted.

The group consists of a few good soldiers and some super whiny guys who would never make it in the military.  Guess who dies first?  There is constant arguing as to the best way to escape.  Once they determine the bad guys were eaten by giant worms, you'd think the team would defer to the highest rank or best qualified to save them all, but it's not a very good unit.

At one point a little girl stops their jeep from heading down the road because it is filled with mines.  But when the worms arrives, the survivors run straight down the same road to a camp. Duhr.

It's your basic Syfy movie and you're better off watching Tremors since the basic premise of worms using vibrations to track people is the same.

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