Friday, September 20, 2013

Search for the Beast (1997)

College professor Dr. Stone goes looking for Bigfoot, finds some odd remains and brings them back to his lab for further study. He plans to compare the creatures DNA to animals such as dogs, rabbits, cats, and cows. Honestly after seeing the remains, it's obviously not one of those so what the heck is he thinking?

Stone gets a call from Milton, an old dude who read a newspaper article on the recent killings of two teens by the hairy beast (Bigfoot not Stone). Milton and Stone meet to talk about an expedition. Milton offers to give Stone $100,000 and pay for the expedition if Stone can find proof of Bigfoot.  So..... Stone will have to foot the bill if he doesn't find anything?  After random dialogue about what is required as proof and that Stone doesn't want Bigfoot hurt, they shake hands without agreeing on the terms.

What Stone doesn't know is that Milton wants Bigfoot dead . But Stone really should suspect something when Milton's men show up for the trip dressed in camouflage and armed with guns like an AK47 and machine gun. Yes, we're just trying to protect ourselves from the creature. Pffft!

This movie is ridiculous, but not in a good way. There is tons of padding, random heavy breathing, singing hillbillies, Dr. Stone as the love interest,  a brief horrible stupid Bigfoot sex scene, and one of the silliest gorilla suits you'll ever see trying to pass for Bigfoot. Sometimes the film is amusing and other times it's just downright painful.

Ridiculous dialogue  -
(which sounds super creepy, but is actually referencing young woman who Stone hires as a research assistant on the trip)

Dr. Stone: I never even had an assistant before, much less a beautiful young girl. I know the things I was going to show Wendy would either scare her off or make it impossible to get rid of her."

what a fabulous research lab - note how his shadow
looks like a claw is bursting from his stomach
Good thing he has his Field Guide to Sasquatch
the skull is about the size of his hand -
must be Bigfoot
Enjoy this shot of a painting as we pad the film
The college's a/v room has the latest equipment.
one of our hunters has a problem keeping his pants buttoned
We're not going to kill anything
Don't look at the camera
Somebody went to the Halloween store

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