Sunday, September 22, 2013

Frostbitten (2006)

When her mother gets a job working for Dr. Becket, a leading genetic scientist, Saga moves to a new town and starts school during polar night, which means there is no daylight for a month.  How depressing.

While standing at her locker, Saga is invited to a party by a strange goth-like girl named Vega. Saga's not sure if she wants to go, but eventually decides it would be a good way to get to know the other kids.

Meanwhile Saga's mom gets a tour of the hospital and meets Dr. Beckert who has a private patient that no one is allowed to treat or examine. Curious intern Sebastian goes into the patients room and pockets some strange pills on the table by her bed.  When another intern jokingly tells Sebastian the pills will make him high, he swallows one -  much to the other interns amazement since any potential doctor should know enough not to swallow mystery pills.

Unfortunately for Sebastian the pills turn out to be an experimental treatment used for vampires.  Sebastian ends up in intense pain and with an overwhelming urge for blood.  Hoping to get some relief, he breaks into Beckert's secret lab, finds a box of the strange pills, and steals them.

Later at Sebastians apartment, Vega steals the box of pills to bring the party after Sebastian tells her he forgot to get her the drugs she wanted.  Well you just know this isn't going to go well since kids are willing to pop anything they think will get them high into their little stupid mouths. Yup, before you know it there are vampires and blood flying all over the place.

I enjoyed this one. It's a Swedish horror film so it has a different feel. The scenery is dark and snowy which makes it very atmospheric and reminds me of Let the Right One In. This movie isn't of that caliber but it's still fun to watch even though the biggest vampire is a bit silly looking sometimes.

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