Saturday, September 21, 2013

Welcome to Blood City (1977)

I bought one of those Millcreek 50 movie SciFi packs, basically because it was ten bucks. I figured even if only one movie was good, it would still be worth the money.  This one wasn't but it was kind of interesting.

Lewis wakes up in the middle of nowhere with people he doesn't know in a place that turns out to be a combination of West World and Planet of the Apes.   No one can remember how they got their or where they came from, but each one finds a card in their pockets with a tally of the number of people they've killed.  Since none of them think they've killers, they're confused.

The group start traveling hoping to find a town or some people. Unfortunately the first people they meet assault the lone female of the group and kill a man.

A sheriff, played by Jack Palance, finds them and brings them into a town which looks like the Old West. They're placed under his protection with the intention of selling them as slaves. If they do everything they're told in a year or so, they may be able to buy their freedom. What a great deal.

Lewis doesn't cotton to no slave stuff, breaks the rules of the town and gets in fights. There is a hierarchy, rules as to what people can do, and a control room watching the whole mess. The best thing about this movie is the title.

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