Monday, September 16, 2013

Murder Rock (1984)

If you combine a slasher film with Flashdance, you get Murder Rock.  A class at the local dance academy is training hard for their shot in a music video. But after rehearsal the teacher is told that the producers have changed their minds and only need three members of the class. Shortly after that the top dancer is murdered.

When a second dancer is murdered, the head of the school urges the police to do more to track down the murderer who is using a hat pin and chloroform to accomplish his murderous deeds.

Since she doesn't feel the police are working fast enough, she decides to work on the case herself.  She starts having nightmares of a man trying to kill her and realizes it's a man from an advertisement. When she tracks him down and starts seeing him, she begins to fear he may be the killer.

This is an okay film, but it's fairly slow paced.  It's not as bloody as Lucio Fulci's other films, but I'm fine with that. There are scenes right out of Flashdance, such as a dancing scene in a club with water pouring onto the dancer. I'm mostly glad I saw it because it has an awesome title and how could I help wondering what it was.

I like the title font and subtitle
Breakin'  - it has nothing to do with our story
Ladies and Gentlemen, your Solid Gold dancers
Flashdance, what a feeling
What the hell kind of outfit is that?
I didn't expect butt cleavage

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