Sunday, September 29, 2013

Humans vs. Zombies (2011)

Somewhere in a lab, a biohazard is released.  Two colleagues shoot themselves in the head as a zombie lab tech bangs against the glass.  Maybe they should have shot the zombie first because next thing you know the zombie ends up on a beach with a frolicking couple.  It's not their day as first they run into the  water and get covered in some sort of slime (later said to be oil).  Then the oil coated girl gets bitten when she asks if the bloody zombie in the lab coat is okay.

Back on campus, a student is being chased by a zombie, but it's all in fun because they're just playing the hip new game Humans vs. Zombies.  Did you think it was a real zombie? No, it can't be because everyone knows there's no such thing as zombies - unless you ask campus security guard Frank, a conspiracy theorist that everyone thinks is a little light in the belfry. Soon Frank is proven to be not so far off when the zombie scourge spreads throughout campus.

Our main characters have a hard time grasping what's going on, which makes no sense considering one of them is into pop culture and currently reading the Zombie Survival Guide, another is a hard core gamer, and the beginning of the movie had multiple clips on the TV showing interviews and stories about a zombie virus. So how can no one be aware of this? I'm not sure if it was an oversight, the footage was added later as a way to pad the film, or it's just bad writing.

The characters decide to hole up in a hardware store with a glass front, which is a strange decision seeing as they didn't want to stay in the brick school building with steel doors, which turned out to be good because the zombies managed to get in. But what the heck? Why can't they get through the glass?

There's infighting, stupid decisions, an annoying Jack Black clone with flat ironed hair, and a gamer girl named Tommi who's personality is so unpleasant that you'll hope she dies as soon as possible.
Low rent Jack Black is not impressed

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