Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shackled (2010)

30 minutes into this, I'm asking myself if this is actually a horror film.  The movie opens with some creepy people walking around in masks and a dead guy. I assume the dead guy is Brian since  everyone spends the next 25 minutes being sad about his death.  So we get to see the gathering after the funeral where everyone is very somber and quiet - except for the guy who goes into Brian's room to look for something. Hmmm, well that's odd.

Brian's sister wakes up later that night, and realizes there is someone in Brian's room. It's same guy from the funeral, but for some reason her father (who saw him that afternoon) doesn't realize it or mention it to the police.

Brian's sister has dreams about a mansion. She's kind of freaked out because Brian's journal says he dreamed about mansion. Then a police grief counselor shows up to see if they're okay (do they really do that?) and asks about the mansion, which is a real problem since it's never mentioned to her. Oh yes, something is wrong.

This is one of those movies where you expect horror (since it's on a pack of films labeled as such) rather than a slow paced psychological movie. So it's disappointing as you've been mislead.

For some unknown reason all I could think of when watching this was a terrible line from some bad movie I saw which went something like, "He's dead.... murdered..... and someone's responsible."

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