Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eyes Behind the Stars (1978)

Photographer Peter and model Karen go to the country to shoot some photos. During the shoot, they feel like they're being watched and the radio stops picking up stations.  When Karen complains that she can only get static, Peter shows he doesn't understand how batteries work by saying, "You're wasting your time.  The batteries dead.  That's why it's making all that noise." Bravo, Peter, bravo indeed.

When Peter develops the photos later, he discovers there are aliens in the background. I couldn't see them, but that's what he said, so okay.  Peter becomes obsessed with seeing the aliens again and soon he gets his wish by being abducted. Hurrah!  It doesn't turn out so good and he ends up on a table where it's assumed the probing will commence.

Before being abducted, Peter gave his negatives to a friend, Tony, for safe keeping.  Tony is a reporter and starts investigating after Peter disappears.  The police don't cotton to this attention as they're trying to keep what's happening under wraps to avoid people freaking the hell out.  Soon the police, aliens, bad guys, and everyone else in the film are trying to get those negatives.

It's slow paced, mostly talking, almost void of aliens,  and not at all exciting in any way. The most enjoyable part is that they actually use the word Ufologist at one point in the film.

The exciting world of photography
Aliens ships are always stark and spotless
Well that certainly is an alien
The police wonder what happened here
So do all doctors in this country wear sunglasses?

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