Monday, September 30, 2013

Twixt (2011)

Alcoholic writer Hall Baltimore heads out on a book signing tour in hopes of helping his waning popularity.  It's a bare bones operation as Hall has to drive himself and lug his own boxes of product into the stores to set up.  His hopes fall even further when his stop in a small town revels there is no bookstore and he's doing his book signing in the corner of the hardware store.

While in town the Sheriff tries to get him involved in writing a book together based on his case files.  The Sheriff tries to entice him by offering a view of a teenager girl who was murdered and found with a stake in her heart. The Sheriff states that the kids that hang out across the river are all vampires, but Hall is skeptical.

Hall decides to stay in town to investigate a murder mystery from years ago, but the town isn't all that eager to have anyone dig that up again.  During his research, Hall fights on Skype with his wife, fights with the Sheriff, finds the long abandoned hotel reopened during a late night walk, meets a mysterious young girl in the woods, and has long walks and talks with Edgar Allen Poe. Oh and why does the town clock tower have seven faces, all with a different time?

The trailer for this one made me decide to watch it.  While overall it was interesting, there were times that I wondered how long I'd been watching it, and when it would end.  The biker gang is lead by  Flamingo, who sounds like he should be wearing a feather boa in a musical.  And Hall's talks with Poe tended to make me drift off.

Val Kilmer and the rest of the cast did a decent job and the cinematography was good.  The weird thing about seeing Kilmer is that physically he's middle aged and very out of shape, but every once in awhile  it occurs to me that this is the guy when he was young who was good looking enough to play rock god Jim Morrison.

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