Sunday, January 26, 2014

+1 (2013)

In an attempt to cheer him up after his girlfriend Jill dumped him, Teddy convinces David to go to a huge party at a rich friends house. To be fair,  Jill dumped him after seeing him kiss her fencing rival after a match, so it's not like David didn't deserve it.  When the guys show up at the party, David sees Jill go in with another guy and becomes obsessed with getting her alone to apologize for his indiscretion.

Earlier that night, a meteor landed in the neighborhood, and there have been occasional power outages. When David, Teddy, and another friend end up on the second floor landing watching what's going on downstairs, and they realize that events are repeating themselves. The party had already moved out back, yet there is a double of each partygoer downstairs doing the same thing they already did earlier in the evening. What the hell?

Soon they notice that every time the power goes out the duplicates reenactments of their previous actions get closer to real time. So if their doppelgangers catch up to them, what's doing to happen?  Will they cease to exist?  Are their doubles trying to take their places?  Will the double kill them if they catch up to them?  If they kill their double, does that mean they'll die also?  And how will David and Teddy convince everyone else that what they're saying isn't just a stupid joke?  And David comes up with the interesting question that if the real Jill won't take him back, can he reconcile with the duplicate Jill?

If you go into this thinking it's a straight ahead horror movie, you're going to be disappointed. The first half hour was more like a teen movie, with a few strange things happening. Then the effects of the meteor crash start kicking in.  There's a nice twist near the end, but the ultimate ending leaves a lot of questions and isn't really explained.

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