Monday, January 27, 2014

The Dead Pit (1989)

What could be better for a hospital than a hidden lab in the basement where an insane doctor does unethical experiments on unsuspecting patients?  Perhaps when said evil doctor comes back to life and brings his zombie patients with him?

Dr. Ramzi is a nutjob researcher who's looking at the causes of insanity (he's not helping). When Dr. Swan follows the sketchy  Ramzi and discovers his secret lab, instead of leaving and reporting his unethical behavior, Swan ends up killing him.

With a dead maniac and a lab full of murdered patients, you'd think that this would need to be reported to the hospital administration or security.  So no one shall ask why Swan thinks the best idea is to plaster over the door to the dead pit. Yup, this is going to come back to haunt him.

20 years later an amnesia patient referred to as Jane Doe is admitted to the hospital.  Coincidentally at the same time there is an earthquake which breaks the plaster seal on the dead pit.  Uh oh, Swan's in for a surprise.

Jane makes friends with Chris, a fire starter, who is in the loony bin because his lawyer is making arrangements for him to avoid jail time.  Jane insists her memories have been stolen, which makes her sound super crazy.  So you know no ones going to believe her when she says they were stolen by a dead doctor. Oh well, time for Ramzi and his zombies to get to work since no one believes a crazy person who sees dead people.

So even though this has zombies in it, there aren't very many and you'll have to wade through a lot of the movie to get to them. It's an okay movie, but probably a disappointment for those looking for zombies.

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