Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sorority House Massacre II (1990)

Five sorority girls buy an abandoned house for a dirt cheap price and decide to stay overnight since the movers will arrive the next day. But only one girl knows they got such a good deal because it's the old Hockstater place, where a father killed his entire family.

After meeting their creepy neighbor who is lurking outside the window of their home, the girls take showers and change into lingerie. Then they grab a Ouija board so they can  contact the spirit of the killer, who they figure may still be hanging around.  As you'd expect this doesn't work out well for anyone.

We didn't realize this was sort of a comedy when we first started watching it. There were some funny parts, but also lots of lines that fell flat.  Also I'm not sure if everything we laughed at was supposed to be funny.  One girl ends up looking like Roseanne Rosannadanna (1970s Saturday Night Live character) when she lets down her hair.  I think the only woman in the film who doesn't take her top off is the police woman, and the acting is about what you would expect.  It was stupid but kind of a fun movie.

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