Monday, January 20, 2014

The Child's Eye (2010)

Rainie and Lok go on vacation to Thailand with two other couples. When riots break out, they decide to leave, but by the time they get to the airport, it's closed.

Their driver drops them off at a run down hotel which causes Rainie to get  a bad feeling.  It doesn't help that three orphans keep staring at them as if there's something wrong, and the kids dog barks at them.

When they get caught in a riot outside the hotel, Rainie sees a ghost and another girl sees a ghostly hand reaching for her and faints. After regrouping at the hotel, the girls discover the guys have disappeared.  Rainie and her friends ask around but no one has seen them except for one of the creepy children who says the men have gone off with the strange woman who ate with them the first night. Yargh, a ghost!

The little girl tells them the story of the hotel and it's owners, which ends in a death and a limp. Rainie and her friends enlist the help of the little girl and her dog who barks when it sees ghosts. During their investigation, they end up being enveloped in fog, get separated, and see a strange little child dog monster. Yikes!

Asian horror can be super creepy and scary, but this one didn't really get going until probably half way through, and even then it turned out to be not so scary.  There are a couple of scenes with scares that made me jump even though I knew that something was going to happen. Overall it's pretty average, and there's much better Asian horror available.

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