Sunday, January 19, 2014

7 Below (2012)

While on the way to a resort, a van crashes into a tree after a girl mysteriously appears in the middle of the road.  The driver is killed and the passengers are bruised and shaken.  A passing motorist stops to help and offers them a ride. The group wants to head back to the gas station, but Jack (the motorist) insists that they go to his home since a storm is coming and they can't get back to the gas station in time.

A doughy Val Kilmer, woozy from a head wound, is acting like an a-hole. Then again, he was hitting on a woman in the gas station while his wife sat in the van, so he was kind of a dick anyway.  The others do the only thing you can do for a concussion victim - give him some alcohol and tell him to get some sleep.

Soon Val is dead and the rest of the travelers are seeing the ghosts of little girls, and the ghost of a boy with a big bloody knife.  As more strange things start happening and the deaths start stacking up, the remaining people decide to get out of there after Jack tells them they're in a murder house where one hundred years earlier a boy killed his entire family.  Oh so that's why we've been seeing a little boy stab a little girl to death in the upstairs bedroom. Yup, don't want to stay at that house any longer.

The characters are a bit dense, and you can't help but roll your eyes at the guy who can never open up to anyone but tells the girl he just met that he can confide in her.  And of course when you stay in a death house, there's going to be death a-coming, which is not as disturbing as Jack's incredibly fake laugh.

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