Monday, January 6, 2014

The Demons of Ludlow (1983)

Hey, it's another Bill Rebane movie!

The town of Ludlow is celebrating it's Bicentennial and the deceased grandson of the founder sent an old white piano from the UK. It's never explained how a deceased person sent a piano, but it makes about as much sense as many of the random unexplained scenes in this movie.

Debbie, a reporter who lived in Ludlow until she was nine, is there to report on the Bicentennial celebration, which seems to consist of a barn dance.  But she's heard stories about the town from her grandfather and recalls that the piano was previously in town. So she's curious as to why that wasn't mentioned when the mayor introduced the celebrated gift. When she starts looking into the history of the town, she can't find anything which strikes her as odd.  Also all the old timers get cranky when she asks them about the towns history and the piano.

Turns out the town is cursed and the Preacher is the only one concerned about it.  Ludlow was cast out of town for being evil and vowed revenge on everyone for cutting off his hands. Why he waited until the Bicentennial to get revenge is beyond me. It seems it would have been much more satisfying to get revenge against the people who actually wronged you, rather than on their descendants.

The best thing about this movie is that there's a piano demon.  The worst thing is that the movie is slow paced and we never really see the demon, other than it's hand. We see Ludlow in ghost form, but that's not the same as a piano demon.  Also I actually nodded off a few times during the last part of the film. So if the demon did appear in the film, then I must have been asleep at that time.

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