Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kaw (2007)

It's Sheriff Waynes last day on the job. As is always the case in horror movies when someone is looking forward to a happy future, that means something terrible is about to happen.

When the school bus driver is attacked by birds, no one believes him since he's also the town drunk.  Wayne takes it into consideration, but let's face it. If a few birds act a little weird and get too close for comfort, the police are going to shrug it off and tell you to get on with your life.

But soon the ravens are back and madder than ever, and by mad I mean insane with blood lust. They're going to get anyone they can get their little point beaks on, including the girls basketball team returning from their game and driven by our drunken bus driver who is wary of the gathering birds.

Then the Sheriff's wife falls down a well (it's that last day on the job curse again) and is in fear for her life from Mennonites who're trying to hide a secret about their cows.  While Wayne and our other major players hole up in the local diner and try to keep the ravens from ripping everyone's heads off.

If this isnt' a Syfy movie, then it's the same type of film.  If you can deal with that, and like killer bird movies then this is for you.  Also of note is that Rod Taylor, who was in Hitchcock's The Birds, plays Doc.

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