Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ghost Team One (2013)

When roommates Sergio and Brad find out that Fernanda, a girl they're both interested in, believes in the paranormal, they say  they're making a documentary about a ghost Serg caught on camera upstairs in their home.  Fernanda volunteers to join their paranormal team and while doing research on the house, discovers that several murders occurred in the home.

The guys decides to set up cameras all over the house, and attempt to contact the ghost using a Ouija board.  But any time something happens, the guys flee the house in terror.

This is supposed to be a parody of paranormal found footage movies, but the problem is it's not funny.  There were only three  things in the whole movie that made me chuckle.

  • the lights go out in the middle of a seance, but turns out to be due to all the video cameras overloading the circuit breakers.
  • When an argument breaks out while using the Ouija board, Serg yells, "It's not a game!" and Brad shouts back, "It's not a game?!? It's made by Hasbro!"
  • After Brad has an intimate encounter with the ghost, he's referred to in in interview footage as a paranormal sex survivor
Along with a lack of laughable moments, it's not scary either, and most of the characters aren't very likable. 

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