Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ground Zero (2010)

Jairus and Greer are cleaners, i.e. people who discreetly clean up dead bodies and blood after a company feels the need to eliminate a so-called problem.  They're given big money to clean up five bodies in a warehouse. Since they're on a tight deadline, their employer calls in two dorky cleaners they've never met to help with the job.  Jairus and Greer are not amused since the two strangers have a less than professional demeanor.

What the teams don't know is that one of the bodies is an activist who broke into a lab and injected himself with a virus so that he could expose the evil dealings of the company.  While one of he cleaners is alone with the bodies, the activist comes back to life and bites him.  When he tells the others what happened, they don't believe him.

The virus is transmitted through saliva or bodily fluids, so now we have a cleaner who's coughing up massive amounts of blood before dying and - you guessed it - coming back as a zombie.

This is a low budget film, and while it's not the worst thing I've ever seen, it's not that good.  The characters are boring and involved in a profession that makes them not very likable.  The idea to show the zombie at ground zero is okay, but nothing new. There are only four zombies in the film, which would be fine if the script was engaging in some way, but it's just an uninteresting zombie flick.

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