Monday, January 13, 2014

Dead Before Dawn (2012)

Casper is asked to watch his grandfathers shop, The Occult Barn.  But Casper has avoided going there since his dad died there as a result of an accident involving a giant urn.

When his friends and a girl he has a crush on come into the store and want to see a huge urn on the top shelf, he refuses.  But peer pressure and an attempt to impress his crush makes Casper pull down the urn so they can look at it.  Of course you know there's going to be an accident, which is unfortunate since an evil spirit lives in the urn and he's up to no good.

So when the kids jokingly quote cliche horror plot lines to come up with a big convoluted curse which includes that anyone they look in the eye will kill themselves and come back to life, the spirit in the urn makes it so. Before they know it they are fighting for their lives from Zemons - a combination of zombie and demon. I know they wanted that to be clever, but it just sounds stupid.

The trailer I saw for this one looked pretty funny, but the movie was only okay. Even the scenes that were funny in the trailer weren't funny within the context of the scene. If you put your funniest lines in the trailer and then the movie can't live up to it, it's just going to be a disappointment. And honestly the concept of Zemons was pretty lame. Just make them zombies and be done with it.

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