Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cold Prey II (2008)

Cold Prey II picks up where the first movie left off. Jannicke, the only survivor, is discovered by the police while driving back to town after investigating an abandoned car.  She's brought to the local hospital, which only has a skeleton crew since it's closing date is near.

The police and doctors aren't sure if they believe Jannicke's story that a lunatic killed her friends in the abandoned ski lodge, and then she killed the killer.  The jury is out as to whether she is insane or not, and the police head out to the old lodge to investigate the story.

Once the bodies are found, they're brought back to the hospital and Jannicke is sedated after going nuts beating on the killers body.  But as in all horror movies, just because a killer is dead doesn't mean he's going to stay dead.

I liked this one better than the first movie, which was a pleasant surprise since usually sequels aren't as good.  This has the feel of older slasher flicks and shares similarities to Halloween 2 with the injured survivor in the hospital and the killer stalking the hallways.

It's nice to have a movie with likable characters, as opposed by the typical annoying jerks that seem to populate many horror movies these days. Although there isn't really any new ground broken with this one, it's entertaining and I really enjoyed it.

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