Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sisters of Death (1976)

During a sorority initiation - which involves placing a revolver to each pledges head and pulling the trigger - something goes horribly wrong and one pledge dies.  Seven years later, the surviving sisters each get an invitation to a reunion.  Surprisingly they all decide to attend, and meet up at a motel.

As they are getting reacquainted, two men approach and say they've been hired to drive them to the reunion destination.  Oddly enough, other than one girl who hesitates, the others happily traipse over to the white jeep with the sheets covering the windows and get in with the two men they just met.  Yes, there's nothing suspicious about any of that. I'm sure they'll all be fine.

Several hours later they arrive at their destination, which is an isolated mansion with an electric fence surrounding it.  The girls are slightly alarmed when the guys drive off, but when they see the pool and a long table full of booze and food fronted by a banner that states Welcome Sisters, they're excited.

But they won't be for long since the mansion is owned by the father of the girl who was killed, and he's convinced it was murder rather than a tragic accident.  He wants revenge against whoever killed his daughter, and he's prepared to kill everyone to get to the girl that's guilty.  He's also prepared to take out the two guys who dropped them off since they decided to hop the fence and hit on the girls rather than leaving.

Even though everyone is freaking out about staying safe and getting out alive, no one really does anything about it. At night, they each go to their separate rooms, and there are times when the father is glaring at them from across the room, but no one jumps him. Good god man, he doesn't even have a gun. Just knock him out already!

There's not much going on here.  The kills are off screen and theres barely any blood.  While you're left wondering if one of the girls is a killer, the fact that the Dad is willing to kill everyone doesn't make him a sympathetic character.  Of note, Claudia Jennings is one of the sisters and Joe Tata, who later played Nate the owner of the Peach Pit on Beverly Hills 90210, is one of the guys who drives the girls to their destination.

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