Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jug Face (2013)

Ada lives in hillbilly land with her hillbilly family who periodically gather around a pit which heals any ailments they may have due to their sacrifices to whatever the hell lives inside it.

Mentally challenged Dawai (who I kept thinking was named Dwight due to the hillbilly accents) makes jugs with faces on them,  hence the title.  What are the jugs? Why are there faces? What the hell is up with that pit?  Nothing is explained during the first half of the movie.

There's not a lot of horror, but there are a lot of hillbillies. Most of the movie is about the strange family relationships, Ada's arraigned marriage, and Ada hiding a jug with her face on it.  So if you're looking for monsters, ghosts, scares, or lots of blood, you'll barely find them here.

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