Sunday, April 27, 2014

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

In the sequel to Insidious, the Lambert family move into Josh's mother Lorraines home after the death of medium Elise. The police suspect Josh had something to do with her death, but Renai doesn't believe her husband is capable of murder.

Although the move to Lorraine's was to try to get away from the supernatural happenings in their house, it doesn't bring any relief. The first night in the home, strange things start to occur and soon Renai is seeing a vision of a creepy ghost lady who screams at her, and later knocks her out with a punch to the face.  Josh is acting strange and doesn't remember the song Renai wrote for him, which starts Renai thinking there is something wrong with him and wonders if he's possessed. Their oldest son has started having nightmares and seeing ghosts.

Lorraine gets in touch with Carl, who worked with medium Elise. He  brings dice which he uses to talk to spirits, along with a couple of paranormal investigators. The dice guide the group to an abandoned hospital where Lorraine used to work and all hell breaks loose from there (as if hell wasn't breaking loose already.)

If you haven't seen Insidious, learn from my mistake and watch it before you watch the sequel. I was lost during the first part of the movie as I had no background on who the people were or what had previously happened to them. Also they start the story with Josh as a child, but when they cut to present day, young Lorraine looks so much like Renai, and Renai's son looks so much like young Josh, that we weren't sure if they were different people. We were all thinking, did that woman just age a whole lot or is she not the same person? In other words, Lorraine looks damn good for her age.

This is one creepy movie. Even though the movie starts off with the cheap scare tactics of people talking softly and then a loud blast of scary music, there are some good scares once the film gets going.   These are even more effective if when you were a kid you were scared of what might lurk in your closet at night.

One thing about horror movies is that people keep putting up with strange scary things.  The baby's little play stroller with the blinking lights and loud noises keeps going off, but no one thinks to take the batteries out, or throw the damn thing outside. How many times does it need to go crazy, wake the baby, and scare the heck out of you before you do something other than turn it off?

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