Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Eliminators (1986)

Evil scientist Abbot Reeves builds cyborg Mandroid and uses him to test out his time travel machine.  After Mandroid successfully returns with no ill effects, Reeves inexplicably decides it's time to scrap the half man/half robot creation. Whaaa?  Why the heck wouldn't he do something else with this modern miracle of science?

Mandroid manages to escape Reeves secret lab with the help of Dr. Taheda, who is killed in the process.  With his legs removed and torso strapped into his mini tank style transport, Mandroid slowly and awkwardly breaks through a wall, travels an unidentified distance, and sneaks into a top secret facility while disguising himself by donning a hat and rain poncho.

When scientist Nora Hunter hears that Reeves is responsible for the creation of Mandroid, she realizes he stole her designs.  No one shall ask how Reeves was able to build Mandroid, while Nora's only built a tiny annoying robot sidekick. But since it's the 80s, it may be because she's a lady.

The two band together to track down Reeves, which involves a trek into the jungle after hiring lovable rogue and river guide Harry Fontana.  Their plan for revenge and protecting the planet from evil Reeves keeps hitting snags, what with Reeves henchmen after them,  a butch river guide trying to get Nora's business and destroy Fontana's boat, and out of nowhere, a clan of cavemen who kidnap Nora and Fontana. What ever will they do?

This is a fun movie because it's so ridiculous.  But at times, as with many average movies, it gets a bit tedious.  Overall, it's funny to watch Mandroid in his silly tank, as well as the dated special effects, and recycled plot lines.

Ladies and Gentlemen... the Eliminators
They could actually run faster than this thing rolls
Nice faux metal paint job on that outfit
Another annoying 1980s robot sidekick
What a brilliant disguise! There are no cyborgs here.
Just when you thought the disguise couldn't be more
obvious and awkward, they add a ridiculous bandage
Our rogue hero and the attractive lady scientist
Mandroid and with robot sidekick on his shoulder 
Out of nowhere, they're kidnapped by cavemen
What do you get if you cross Robert Englund with Ironman?

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