Monday, April 21, 2014

Iron Sky (2012)

A secret society of Nazi's living on the dark side of the moon waiting to have their revenge?  What could be better?  Well, it turns out a lot, judging by this movie which is surprisingly dull.

Near the end of World War II, a Nazi contingent escapes capture by leaving Earth and hiding on the moon. After years of training, indoctrination, and planning on the perfect time to attack, the Nazi's change their revenge timeline when a US space mission lands on the moon a little too close to their city for comfort.

The concept is great. The trailer is great.  The movie... nope, not so good. The characters are dull.  There's some really lame comedy with maybe a couple of laughs. I don't remember them ever explaining the logistics of how the Nazi's got to the moon and built their giant moon city (although to be fair I could have already been lulled into a stupor if they did explain it).  Udo Kier is sufficiently creepy, but even he isn't very interesting in this.

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