Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal (2012)

Lars, a once famous painter who suffers from a creative mental block, takes a job at an elementary school whose principal hopes Lars presence will help the school raise money. When Lars arrives, he can't help but notice Eddie, an adult mute with the mind of a child who is allowed to hang out at the school due to his recently deceased aunt who provided financial support to the school.

Since Eddie no longer has a place to stay, Lars offers to let Eddie stay with him for awhile. What he doesn't realize is that Eddie sleepwalks and kills animals, and eventually people.  Making this even more awkward, is that when Lars discovers what Eddie is doing, the blood provides him with inspiration to paint, which he hasn't felt in years.

This black comedy is good, but not great. There are some funny scenes and the story revolves around the relationship between Lars and Eddie, as well as Lars cover up of the mounting number of deaths in this small town.

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