Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pandemic (2009)

Small town vet Sydney notices something is wrong when people and animals are getting sick with similar symptoms and dying.  While examining a bloody virus filled horse, Sydney touches the fluids on the sick animal and then puts her finger to her lips. Aarrgghhh!!!

After she places a call to the CDC, the military shows up within the hour. While this is a fantastic response time, it does not bode well for the town, which is confirmed when the military  quarantines the area.

Spencer, a local conspiracy theorist, teams up with Sydney, and the two start trying to uncover the truth, which the military does not want them to know what's really going on.  Soon not only is the town physically cut off from the outside world, but all communications are down as well.

The cover makes you think this might be exciting, but it's not.  It's pretty slow and the artwork is misleading since nothing like that happens in the film.  The location is a small desert town and I don't remember any gas masks.

Also Sydney is kind of annoying and always doing stupid things. Not only is there the bloody horse incident previously mentioned, but she goes into the morgue and puts on a surgical mask and rubber globes which are being stored inside the morgue next to the infected bodies.  Are those really going to protect you from that unknown virus, or are they already contaminated?  That is not a sterile environment.  If someone touched the body, and then the mask and gloves, she's already doomed.

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