Thursday, April 3, 2014

There's Nothing Out There (1990)

A group of friends decide to spend the weekend at a house in the woods where they'll party, make out with their girlfriends and have fun.  One the way there they pass an accident scene, which prompts Mike, the lone guy without a girl in tow, to tell the others it's a sign they need to turn around and go home.  You see, Mike loves horror movies and he's convinced that this isolated cabin in the middle of the nowhere near a single car accident where the driver is missing is a preview of what is to come - mainly their deaths.

The other three couples on the trip get increasingly annoyed with Mike and his suspicion that something is wrong.  Some of the gang is wishing Mike had never been invited, but Nick says he's fun to have around.  While Mike insists there's something in the woods, the rest say there's nothing out there.   But since we are in a horror movie, we know Mike is right and then they start finding green goo around the house, people disappear or others get attacked.

There are tons of horror cliches to be found and Mike is the only one who recognizes any of them, or knows any way to deal with what is happening.  While the movie is a comedy, it's often so spot on that it ends up being exactly what it's trying to spoof.  That doesn't mean it's not fun or doesn't have some good lines though.  Mike is kind of annoying at first, but after awhile I got used to him and he was the one sensible guy in the film.  There are amusing scenes throughout the movie, and the hilarious use of the boom mic to escape the monster.

Don't let the Troma label on the cover put you off.  I'm not a big fan of the typical Troma movie. In fact I usually avoid them, even though I like Lloyd Kaufman and the fact that he's been able to keep Troma alive.  

During the opening scenes in the video store, it's fun to see how many of the posters or VHS covers you recognize and can name.  

Mike:  "Don't you know what just happened?  Those kids were born to be murder victims, and just paid us a visit.  Don't you realize the significance of that? 

The teens
Nick's bangs are a work of art
Don't look into it's eyes
That looks odd

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